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Glass Open Book is the most business-friendly digital platform for the global glass industry.

Glass industry network
Glass industry technology

Our mission

Realizing the importance of the digital transformation, it is our mission to speed up the glass industry digitalization and bring up the business communication to a whole new level.

That’s why we built 完整日本特级毛片,美女图片131, where companies have the opportunity to present their products and services in a place that's relevant to their line of business.

Glass industry innovation

Who is it for?

It’s the right place for glass manufacturers and glass processors, glass industry machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumables suppliers, and service providers, as well as for those who are looking for a job in the glass industry or want to increase their professional competence in the field of glass making.

Glass Open Book is a technology platform that provides a digital infrastructure for people and companies operating in the glass industry simplifying their business development in B2B format.

How Glass Open Book works?

We help companies to start, run and scale their businesses worldwide, increasing their visibility among customers and partners.

Our platform allows the glass industry suppliers to showcase the best they have and helps glassmakers to find what they need in a single digital space.

Browse faster

Glass industry sustainability

Glass Open Book structure, search tools and a well-thought-out filter system allows glassmakers to quickly find everything what is necessary for glass production and processing.

Communicate safely

Glass industry networking

Our services allow customers to contact suppliers without having to search for the company’s website or sales office.

We provide the technology, helping the glass industry community connect and communicate on Glass Open Book, keeping those connections safe and secure.

Showcase for free

Glass industry digital marketing

Glass Open Book digital showcase consists of three remarkable sections:
Companies, Products and Services.

These digital marketing channels enable companies of any size, from startups to the big ones, to expand their reach without having to spend a fortune on promotions.

Find and manage your business on Glass Open Book

Whether you want to take your business global or just expand your horizons, Glass Open Book will help you reach new customers and grow your sales online.

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